About us

Committed to the Dental Excellence

A team of dentists with worldwide recognition and certification make up the multifunctional Smart Smile Dental Center, which offers top-notch dental care services. founded by highly qualified medical professionals who have achieved worldwide recognition and numerous important awards. We are a well-known multi-speciality dental wellness centre in Dubai that has long since focused on preventive, orthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry.

Our mission and philosophy are to offer highly individualized service in a laid-back and welcoming setting. We are undoubtedly recognised as one of the best dental clinics in Dubai, providing dental services with a personalized connection, based on the reviews and recommendations of our appreciated patients.

At Smart Smile Dental Center, our experience and the newest, cutting-edge technology make the entire procedure quite comfortable for all of our patients. Also, we work on an ethical value that we live and work by in Smart Smile Dental Center.

Who We Are

Smart Smile Dental Care Center is the best dental service provider in Dubai and gives you the best possible service to give a more healthy smile. We always strive to treat our patients with the same enthusiasm and attention that makes us apart from others.

With years of experience and knowledge, Smart Smile Dental Care Center has developed a lot of recognition all because of our specialized service and sophisticated procedure to deal with every patient.

At Smart Smile Dental Center, our experience and the newest, cutting-edge technology make the entire procedure quite comfortable for all of our patients. Also, we work on an ethical value that we live and work by in Smart Smile Dental Center.

We Seek To Fulfill Our Mission

Smart Smile Dental Center staff is committed to staying current on the best and most cutting-edge tools and technologies in dentistry and infection control tools and technologies. Therefore, to improve the lives of everyone involved in attaining our purpose, we shall respect, interact with, and empathize with our patients and other team members.

At Smart Smile Dental Care Center, patients will receive the best possible care, competence, judgment, and comfort for their dental needs. We will adapt, develop, and change along with our profession and society.

With cutting-edge equipment and qualified dental staff, Smart Smile Dental Center is aware that good oral health is an important component of living a healthy lifestyle. We strive to provide the same level of service and a more attractive, intelligent smile for each of our patients.

Therefore, we provide you expert services, and regular consultations that are painless, where you can talk to one of our skilled dentists about your dental problems, and we’ll present the finest solutions for you.

Our Mission

The goal of Smart Smile Dental Center is to redefine expectations by offering our patients superior, individualized dental treatment and smile design while also developing enduring bonds of trust and contentment. Our main objective is to make our patients happy by providing outstanding care for their issues. We are professionals in what we do and we do it with care.


Also, we aim to employ the most up-to-date technology in a friendly setting that is knowledgeable, passionate and caring about your well-being. We also strive to give you excellent dental hygiene services and practical, aesthetically pleasing, and pleasant dental treatment alternatives. At Smart Smile Care Dental Center, we pledge to fully explain everything and to spend time learning about your dental health concerns.


Each client holds a special place in the heart of Smart Smile Dental Center.

Our Vision

To be dedicated to providing our patients with the best care possible in an environment of trust and compassion. This will allow us to assist them in achieving the highest dental health possible.

Our Values

Our Work Is Heavily Shaped by Our Core Values


One of the most crucial aspects in any relationship is integrity, and this is certainly relevant in the one between a client and the person providing their dental care.

Integrity is the foundation of faith and is defined as being genuine and open to each other. In our dental clinics, we realize that keeping an honest and fruitful connection with our patients is essential. We make a great effort to make sure that patients always feel at ease and confident in our care, and we continuously work to be open and honest with them about their treatment options and costs.

Integrity is the founding principle of our profession, and we are dedicated to giving our patients the best possible degree of Integrity.


At Smart Smile Dental Center, we always believe in transparency between the caregiver and our clients and we realize the best possible way is to initiate communication between two parties. We put forward all the best solutions to the problems of our patients and calmly answer all their queries.


They should also be aware that they can trust us to provide them with truthful, reliable information. This openness infuses all aspects of our clinics, such as the services we provide and the costs we bill. We believe that it is the finest method to look after our clients and guarantee their contentment. As a result, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest requirements of transparency in all of our dealings with patients.


One of the most essential aspects that our Smart Smile Dental Center upholds is confidentiality. However, our team appreciates that our clients entrust us with their private information, and we treat that confidence with the utmost respect and make it to the same level of confidentiality.

We are dedicated to giving our patients the best care while upholding the privacy of their personal information. Besides, we also value the trust that our patients place in us, and we will keep putting up the effort necessary to earn it.


Any relationship, including the one between a dental clinic and its patients, requires communication so that both the parties can understand each other. Patients can have an understanding of the approach that we have and we can also grasp the requirements and desires of our patients.

Due to the personal nature of the care we offer, communication may even be more crucial in the dental context. Moreover, it is our duty to win and uphold the trust of our patients who entrust us with their dental health.

The basis for building such trust is communication. We demonstrate that we value our patients’ opinions and are dedicated to giving them the finest care possible by taking the time to listen to them and respond to their inquiries. In essence, effective patient-dental clinic relationships depend on open lines of communication.


As we are aware of the trust our patients have in us with regard to their oral health, accountability is another essential value that our dental clinics uphold. Our team is dedicated to giving our patients the best care possible and we take our duty to them very seriously.

Smart Smile Dental Center is in charge of offering top-notch care that satisfies the requirements and expectations of our patients. We are also accountable for educating our patients about their oral health conditions and available treatments.