Best teeth whitening clinic in dubai


The first thing people notice about you is your sparkling whites. If you want to make a subtle or significant alteration, the fläsh system offers a variety of sophisticated tooth-whitening choices that will make your smile radiant and self-assured. The only place to get it is from your dentist.

The dentin, which is the inner surface of teeth and stains and discolours them, or the enamel, which reflects the original colour of your tooth, can both stain. Tooth discolouration has a variety of causes. Even though many reasons are preventable, some are beyond our control.

The discolouration is brought on by:

  • regular consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, and cola
  • Chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes
  • high fluoride consumption during childhood

What is the need for teeth whitening treatment?

Permanent tooth damage caused by trauma or accidents to developing teeth. As teeth age, their enamel thins, exposing the dentin beneath, which can cause stains on the teeth. As you become older, dentin comes into touch with some foods and drinks, which can discolour your teeth.

Additionally, several medical procedures can cause teeth to become stained. Your teeth will appear whiter once the teeth-whitening procedure has removed the discolouration. The effects, nevertheless, could differ among individuals, so one should be aware of that.

Teeth-whitening- How does it work?

At Smart smile Dental Care Centre, the best teeth whitening clinic in Dubai, to assess the progress of the treatment, your dentist will first take a picture of your teeth. This is generally used to check your teeth and identify any discolouration.

The dentist will begin by cleaning the tooth after an examination. He will take off the coating that has formed on your enamel as a result of the food you consume or other chemicals. After this, the bleaching process starts. Depending on how severe the tooth stains are, the complete process might take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

Zoom teeth whitening

Zoom teeth whitening is a procedure that helps get rid of persistent stains on the teeth and makes the smile dazzling forever. The bleaching chemicals are triggered by blue light in this advanced technique.

At Smart Smile Dental Care Centre, Zoom whitening Dubai is more quick and more efficient than standard whitening. The majority of stained teeth can be effectively whitened using Zoom. Antibiotic-related stains, which tend to be darker, are more challenging to remove. Depending on the tooth’s form and the patient’s, the degree of whitening will differ.

How time does it take for Zoom to whiten teeth?

At Smart Smile Dental Care Centre, with affordable zoom whitening Dubai price, there will be three 15-minute sessions that make up the roughly 45-minute Zoom whitening process. More whitening gel would be applied to your teeth following each session before the LED light is switched back on.